Overseas Recruitment

We are in need of Software Developers

Job Description

Develops,modifies,and/or maintains systems as defined by specifications.
Ensures code is maintainable,scalable and supportable.
(Most systems are Production Systems and Production Control Systems followed by the TPS System by TOYOTA)


•Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or Engineering
•Experience in any of the Programming Languages (VB.NET,Java,RPG,HTML, Intra-mart)
•Knowledge in Database (Oracle,other RDB engines)


•Japanese Language Proficiency
•Knowledge in PLM (*ENOVIA *DSKK),in MES Systems (*Apriso *DSKK),or in ERP Systems(*SAP)
•Knowledge in Production Control System(Toyota way)


Work hours 9:00 ‒ 18:00 (with 1hour lunch break)
Holidays Saturdays and Sundays
Long holidays (Golden Week,Obon and Winter holidays)
Basic Salary Starting salary is same as Japanese counterparts
Allowances Transportation,housing,meal
Bonus 2 times a year (July&December)
Salary rise Once a year (every April)
Insurance Social Insurance (Health,Unemployment)
Pension Employee’s Pension Insurance (厚生年金)
For interested applicants, please submit your resume with recent photo (DOC or PDF format)
and transcript of
records to recruit@s2-i.co.jp.

Company Profile
Company Name S2I Co., Ltd.
Established on January 1,2002
Headquarters 34-1-Ku Ogawa Higashiura, Chita, Aichi 470-2102 Japan
Solution center 2-11 Asahi Ogawa Higashiura, Chita, Aichi 470-2102 Japan
Telephone +81-562-83-4095
Fax +81-562-84-1830
Authorized Capital JPY 100M (Group Capital Amount JPY 160M)
Employees 100 professionals
Board of Directors Tatsuo Murase President and General Manager
Chie Matsuoka Director
Sachie Murase Director
Mission Statement 桜 咲く 良い会社
Sakura Saku Iikaisha (SSI -> S2I)
Our #1 priority is our customers’ satisfaction.
S2I’s Main Line of Business is
Automotive Parts Manufacturing

The S2I Automotive Parts Manufacturing Solutions enables organizations to realize the power of
the integrated
enterprise by providing superior consulting and implementation services for Enterprise
Resource Planning (ERP),
Product Life – Cycle Management (PLM),Supply Chain Management (SCM),
Manufacturing Execute System (MES) and Cost Evaluation Management (CEM).
We achieve this by putting in place solutions that drastically reduce process time and
effectively streamline
business flows ‒ particularly those that involve the supply chain.
Since the early 1980s, we’ve been engaged in filed
services for product-centric organizations in the manufacturing and engineering industries for
automotive industry.
Our Key Solution is Knowledge-Based Engineering (KBE) Product Data Management (PDM) Tools.
With today’s leading automotive companies challenged by skills and resource shortages,
technological change, and a need to source globally,
it is critical that companies find a strategic solution partner.
Our company has extensive domain experience, demonstrated by our success in meeting unique OEM business requirements.
With an integrated global services model, we offer OEMs t he right skills and effective solution at competitive costs.

PLM(*ENOVIA) based solutions apply
for automotive OEM industry

• Supply chain integration and supplemental st affing
• PLM needs analysis, as-is study and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) strategy planning
• PLM software installation, customization, training and implementation support
• Preparation for mass-product control system optimization.
• Cost Evaluation Management(CEM) optimization.
• Customized PLM solution development
• PLM interface with (ERP), (SCM)
• Software development ‒ onsite and offsite

*ENOVIA by Dassault Systèmes

ENOVIA is the collaborative innovation application which powers * Dassault Systèmes suite of
innovation solutions.
ENOVIA solutions cover a large range of business processes̶-from project and program
management to system engineering, product development and regulatory compliance̶ while also providing
dedicated tools for IT professionals implementing V6.
The ENOVIA software portfolio simplifies the product lifecycle by allowing manufacturers to
capture, retain,
and repurpose product data to help accelerate next-generation product evolution.
ENOVIA’s widely accessible and user-friendly product data management features facilitate:
• Virtual product modeling
• Concurrent engineering
• Design change documentation
• Global collaboration between diverse design teams
• Enterprise-wide access to product, process, and resource data
• Reuse of product data during design and manufacturing
Dassault Systèmes’ provides businesses and people with virtual universes to imagine
sustainable innovations.
Its world-leading 3D design software, 3D Digital Mock-Up and Product L ifecycle Management
(PLM) solutions
transform the way products are designed, produced, and supported. Dassault Systèmes’
solutions foster social innovation, expanding possibilities for the virtual world to improve the
real world.
S2I Co.,Ltd. is a proud partner of Dassault Systèmes, and we work with the principal suite of
applications ‒ CATIA, ENOVIA, and Apriso.